Crystal QD series

Crystal 2700/270S

Entry-level Headset for Cost-Conscious Contact Centers and Offices

 Crystal 2700 and 270S are cost-effective, professional headsets designed especially for cost-conscious  contact centers and offices. They are easy to deploy and comfortable to use. Users will enjoy the superior  noise cancellation and clear voice transmission at an affordable price.





• Noise-canceling microphone filters out background noise and highlights voice clarity

 330º rotatable and bendable boom arm for precise positioning of the microphone 

• Adjustable headband and 60º rotatable ear cap for the best comfort and fit
• Easy deployment in different platforms such as phones and PCs via a variety of    
   Quick-Disconnect cords

 ADDASOUND's headsets follow the International Noise Safety Standard and help 
   create a safe and comfortable work environment

 Available in the direct-connect solution for phones (via RJ9 jack) or PC (via 3.5mm jacks or via USB interface) 

Crystal 2700 (Mono, Over-the-head, Noise-canceling)
Crystal 270S (Duo, Over-the-head, Noise-canceling)

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