Multifunctional Amplifier for Deskphone and Softphone
With Addasound’s DN1200 amplifier, the professionals in contact centers and offices could connect Addasound QD (Quick-Disconnect) headsets to any desk phones or soft phones, while enjoying the enhanced voice clarity for better call communications.  The DN1200 will improve the sound quality of their existing headset, and give the user the ability to switch from their desk phones to softphones. The user will have easy access to incoming and outgoing volume control, and the ability to mute calls while easily managing calls on multiple platforms.  This will make all calls more productive as well as “future proof your investment” with any future change to how you currently communicate today.


 Reduction of noise picked up by microphone to highlight voice clarity

• DSP (Digital Signal Processing) enables the user to enhance the voice clarity and reduce the echo digitally
• Premium volume control button to adjust the incoming calls
• Compatible with most desk phones and soft phones
• Easily switch from handset to headset
• Easy access to incoming and outgoing volume and the ability to mute calls
• Dual connectivity for both desk phone and soft phone usage
• Dual headset jacks to connect two headsets for training
• Hearing protection to keep the user from sudden sound spikes

* Power adapter offered as optional accessory

                          DSP (Digital Signal Processing)                                                                             √                                         
                                     Noise reduction                                                                                         √
                                      Echo reduction                                                                                         √                                         
                                  Hearing protection                                                                                       √
                 Dual connectivity to desk phone and softphone                                                            √                                         
                             Incoming volume control                                                                                   √
                             Outgoing volume control                                                                                   √                                         
                                     Mute function                                                                                            √
                                Compatibility switch                                                                                        √                                        

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