Epic 501/502

Stylish and Multifunctional UC Headset for UC Platforms (PC, Tablet and Mobilephone)

 Professionals may want a stylish and multi-functional headset solution to connect multiple  devices such as mobile phone, tablet or PC for multitasking and collaboration. ADDASOUND  EPIC 501/502 headsets are engineered for this demand. You can make calls or enjoy the  music/multimedia from your PC, mobile phone or tablet via USB or 3.5mm jack connectivity.  The elegant and ergonomics design of this headset offers you comfort for daily use. Busy light  indication allows you to concentrate on the work without disturbance. Epic 502 has stereo  sound for richer audio quality. Epic series headsets enable users to be hands free for a more  productive work day. 

 Superior noise canceling microphone filters out the ambient noise and promises to make calls
 Neodymium magnet speaker delivers fantastic and powerful sound quality 
 Lightweight memory steel headband, rotatable ear cap and soft leatherette ear cushions for a comfortable fit
 Convenient call controls including call answer/end, mute, volume+ and volume- 
 Plug and play, easy to set up and fast to deploy
 Busy light indication shows the working status and prevents unnecessary interruptions 
 Variants of connectivity including USB and 3.5mm jack for multi-devices such as PC, mobile phone and tablet 
 DSP (Digital Signal Processing) and echo cancellation for clear voice communications even in a noisy environment  Stereo sound (Epic 502), and dynamic EQ optimize the sound quality for calls, music and multimedia
 ADDASOUND’s headsets follow the International Noise Safety Standards and help create a safe and comfortable work environment
 Headset bag included for travel or home storage

Epic 501  RD (Monaural, Over-the-head, Noise-canceling, Red, 3.5mm plug and USB-A)   

Epic 501  BK (Monaural, Over-the-head, Noise-canceling, Black, 3.5mm plug and USB-A)  

Epic 502  RD (Binaural, Over-the-head, Noise-canceling, Red, 3.5mm plug and USB-A)   

Epic 502  BK (Binaural, Over-the-head, Noise-canceling, Black, 3.5mm plug and USB-A) 

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